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Master Keaton (1998 – 2000)

In the world of anime there is one name that that grabs people’s attention. That name is Naoki Urasawa. A great story writer who’s been responsible for some great series like Monster (2004). But there is one series by him that you don’t hear talked about very much. That is the 24 episode TV series from 1998 – 1999 and the sequel 15 episode OVA from 1999 – 2000 called Master Keaton.

Master Keaton tells us the story of Taichi Keaton. He is a half-British, half-Japanese archeologist, university lecturer and former Special Air Service (SAS) veteran. We follow him on his current main job as an insurance OP working for the insurance company Lloyds. Keaton travels around the world and investigates insurance fraud. On those investigations he experiences everything from a weird immortal Russian man who is running from the Russian mafia, to a father who is looking for his long lost daughter who was born after he had escaped from a concentration camp in East Germany.

Master Keaton is a mixture of many different genres that comes together to make this episode masterpiece. While that may sound bad, we promise you it’s not. This show makes the most of it’s variety of genres such as mystery, action and slice of life. And thanks to its episodic nature, it can easily make these switches between genres without it feeling out of place. Now while we would like to show you where you could go to watch this masterpiece right now, the truth is that Master Keaton is sadly not available for streaming anywhere. You might be able to find a physical copy on Amazon, and if you understand Japanese you can find copies on on CDJapan.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Master Keaton you can check out our video about it over on YouTube!

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